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Minhee Park

July 2021 Product Release Updates

1. Risk tolerance update filter

Users’ problem we aim to solve:

Convert Leads into Prospects with StratiFi’s Lead Generation Widget

Did you know that roughly 50% of marketers use a lead magnet to increase conversion rates? When you...

June 2021 Product Release Updates

1. Enhanced Account Settings for Proposal and IPS

Users’ problems we aim to solve:

May 2021 Product Release Updates

1. Model Portfolio Compare, Edit, and Analyze (in beta)

Problems we aim to solve:

Merging Client Accounts

Tip of the week

Looking into merging client accounts?

Evaluating Your Client’s Portfolio Risk

Enhancing Collaboration, Speed, and Simplicity

Collaboration is one of the most important characteristics of any successful team, and...

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Hide and Edit All Proposal Sections

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