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Enhancing Collaboration, Speed, and Simplicity

Collaboration is one of the most important characteristics of any successful team, and especially now that in-person meetings are less feasible, it’s crucial to have a platform that makes virtual coordination easy.

  • We’ve implemented a number of new features to allow you and your team members to manage clients and maintain compliance in an organized way. 
  • If you’re new to StratiFi, we have a new tool to help you get started with our platform and begin guiding your clients through their risk.

We’ve made it easier for you to standardize your processes with centralized templates.

You can now manage firm-level disclosures, reports, CRS, and emails all in one place. This will allow your practice to keep the language you use consistent. Making changes one time will be able to affect the entire practice’s reports.

We’ve made it simpler for you to organize your client relationships.

Many wealth management practices manage their clients among multiple advisors. To support that, the “Move to Another Advisor” button allows your team members to move clients or households between you and your colleagues with simple clicks.

We’ve made it faster for your team to act on your behalf with the new “Act as” feature.

For analysts, sales assistants, or any other team members who want to collaborate with you, this feature will make including other people on client management tasks much easier. You can add and remove client data, generate PDF reports, and send risk tolerance questionnaires on behalf of the advisors you are working with. 

New to StratiFi? Here is a Checklist for you to get started!

We’ve added a new “Onboarding Checklist” to guide you toward getting the most out of the StratiFi platform. It includes a walkthrough of setting up your profile, syncing client data, and ensuring successful implementation. Completing this checklist will help you get familiar with the platform faster and will ensure that you’re up to speed on utilizing all of the robust features. Regardless, always feel free to contact when you have any questions or need training.