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UX Wealth Partners: Risk Profiling and Proposal Software with StratiFi

In order to increase or prevent a decrease in value, your wealth—as measured by both goods and money—should be managed. The act of assessing and making decisions about your wealth to meet your financial objectives is known as wealth management.

Investments in money, tax preparation, estate planning, and other financial problems fall under this category, but they are not restricted to them. Your financial security and the growth and protection of your money are the two main objectives of wealth management.

A wealth management service helps mid to high-net-worth clients build their fortune, control their exposure to liabilities, and come up with plans to pass their wealth on to the chosen heirs. As opposed to working with an advisor who is primarily focused on financial planning or investment management, wealth management services take a comprehensive approach to the financial condition of higher-net-worth clients.

Such service is now provided with the help of advanced tools and technologies, and one such platform that provides you with complete wealth management solutions is UX Wealth Partners.


What is UX Wealth Partners

UX Wealth Partners is a dedicated Turnkey Asset Management Platform (TAMP) that offers registered investment advisors (RIAs) strong, effective solutions and allows them to manage their client’s wealth effectively. By eliminating the human bias that might negatively affect investors in buy-sell choices, their platform enables advisors to concentrate on managing customers and expanding their businesses.

An independent advisor’s client assets (the “Adviser Client”) are supervised and managed by UX Wealth Partners Firm on a discretionary basis per the investment plan selected by the adviser’s client and/or independent adviser.

The Adviser Client continues to be a client of the independent investment adviser in these circumstances. UX Wealth Partners does not give the Adviser Client direct investing advice; instead, it makes several strategies or model portfolios available. The independent investment adviser gathers and evaluates suitability data before deciding which investment strategy(s) to use with client assets.

Our firm will update the securities held in your account to comply with the strategy chosen for your portfolio as we regularly check the models provided on our platform. By placing reasonable constraints on investing in particular stocks or groupings of securities, for example, you can restrict our discretion. Other registered investment advisors that may have their minimum account requirements are given access to our firm’s management platform.

How is UX Wealth Partners different

The UX Wealth has developed multiple tools to assist RIAs in creating a better future for themselves and their clients.

The company has expertise in technology, trading, and artificial intelligence. UX Wealth is driving the paradigm change in investment management as the industry leader in AI and machine learning investment solutions.

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What services does UX Wealth Partners Provide

Here are a few services provided by UX Wealth Partners to its users:

  • Exclusive Portfolios

UX Wealth partners provide customers with exclusive portfolios with unique benefits and focused relationship building. UX Wealth Partners offers a completely branded platform to you and has your portfolios, composite track record, and fact sheet, which ultimately enhances the value of an advisor’s business.

  • Advanced Risk Assessment

When it comes to risk assessment, UX Wealth Partners have partnered up with Stratifi to provide complete risk security by conducting a thorough analysis of your financial situation and investment portfolio. The software considers your goals, objectives, and risk tolerance to create a personalized plan that will help you reach your financial goals.

  • Investment Management

By generating information on capital gains and losses, overall valuation, interest income, mutual fund performance, and earnings, it offers comprehensive investment management. Additionally, it has the ability to generate alerts for maturity and premium due dates.

  • Integrated Software

The company provides users with a complete suite of tools for wealth management and financial planning. The software includes tools for portfolio management, financial planning, risk management, and investment analysis. The software is designed to help users make informed decisions about their financial future.

  • Customized Reporting Features

It provides customized reporting features that allow financial advisors and clients to see how their portfolios are performing and where their money is invested. Parties can also set up alerts to receive notifications when their portfolios reach certain milestones or when they need to take action to rebalance their portfolios.

  • Custodian Integration

The technology used by UX Wealth combines the capacity to recognize near-future market situations with the leveraging of information that suits clients’ specific needs to provide dynamic portfolios for investors. FlyerFT’s cloud-based solutions have recently included features like multi-account customization and scalable workflows that enable UX Wealth users to control the trading experience better and carry out investment strategies more quickly. These features are being embraced by UX Wealth customers.


  • How UX Wealth Partners uses AI tech to stand out from the TAMP crowd

UX Wealth Partners offers RIAs outsourced technology and artificial intelligence-powered investment management.

The AI Sentiment US Equities All Cap model portfolio, its most recent addition, utilizes an algorithm to select 30 stocks from 1,000 based on the positive sentiment in news coverage. No person is engaged in maintaining the portfolio; it is automatically rebalanced each week based on the companies garnering the greatest positive sentiment.

UX’s model marketplace also offers more conventional products from well-known brands like Vanguard and State Street for RIAs or clients who might be hesitant to adopt AI-powered model portfolios completely.

The concept is that advisors can provide clients with identical portfolios as everyone else while also providing something they wouldn’t be able to obtain on their own. In order to let the AI models fight for assets over time, some advisers end up using a 50-50 blend after integrating ETF Action to evaluate the performance of traditional and next-generation portfolios.

The majority of advisors use the same portfolios, which [customers] may now generally access directly. The technology is the same between them. Following that, they start to wonder why customers are asking why they are paying for it.

The tactic also appears to be aiding UX in standing out in a crowded outsourcing provider market. The turnkey asset management provider (TAMP) has acquired $1 billion in assets in the last 18 months.


  • How UX Wealth Partners Integrates with THOR Financial Technologies

Having the best portfolios accessible to support your strategy is crucial, regardless of whether you’re concentrating on Growth Investing, Momentum Investing, Value Investing, or some other strategy.

You need portfolios that will operate as intended in order to have a plan that works. This implies that you want insight-driven portfolio design (based on factors like risk, value, tax penalties, and the list above) and user-friendly but feature-rich portfolio management tools. Excellent portfolios are necessary for good strategies. Effective portfolio management and selection are essential for strong portfolios.

To do just that, THOR was developed. By emphasizing the development of an automated portfolio system that extensively incorporates risk management, THOR works to reduce the sizeable capital drawdown, which is frequently the leading cause of customer aversion to passive investing. It solves the following problems:

  • Logistics: THOR can analyze and interpret massive amounts of data, which provides the RIA with the knowledge required to develop the most effective strategies and manage portfolios.

  • Strategy: Less volatility in the approach is made possible by portfolios that adjust to changing market conditions because of THOR’s improved data. This entails techniques that stand the test of time and position the RIA as the authority both now and in the future.

  • Emotion: Turns in the market that are negative have less of an impact on the investor because THOR’s methods vary less and produce more significant returns. This reduces conflict for the RIA and avoids constantly addressing customer complaints.

How UX Wealth Partners Empowers Financial Advisors

UX Wealth Partners empowers financial advisors in the following ways:

  • Trading and Portfolio Management

All day long, our skilled trading department carries out transactions on all of your models. A fully upgraded client interface is used to provide your models.

  • CRM

Your CRM system is covered by a partnership with UX Wealth, which includes integrations with other software like RedTail, Wealthbox, Salesforce, and many more platforms.

  • Billing and Reporting

All of your fees are billed through UX Wealth. You may also generate all necessary reports using the platform, which will give you more time and less stress to concentrate on your business.


What to Consider Before Choosing UX Wealth Partners

Before choosing UX Wealth Partners, consider the following items:

  • Determine the software you require based on goals or cash flow.

  • Recognize the needs of your customers.

  • Consider if your clients want to get their financial plans on paper or in digital format.

  • Understand if your clients are comfortable with leveraging AI to manage their portfolios

  • Make sure you have a full grasp of the software and understand its different features and modules.

How UX Wealth Partners and StratiFi Work Together

UX Wealth Partners is an AI-Driven TAMP, whereas StratiFi offers risk management technologies to investment managers. Stratifi has created the PRISM Rating technology, which uses advanced risk research to profile clients and quantify risk on a straightforward 1–10 scale.

Assessing variables, including correlation, volatility, tail risk, and concentrated stock risk, is said to help advisers better understand the elements that enhance portfolio performance. As per this information, advisers can better minimize risk and explain complex risk exposures thanks to these scores and actionable insights.

Click here to see how to Integrate UX Wealth Partners and StratiFi!


  • What are the Pros and Cons of UX Wealth Partners?

All applications and software have their own set of pros and cons. You need to choose the one whose pros outweigh its cons. Here are some of the Pros and Cons of UX Wealth Partners that can help you decide if it’s the right program for you:


  • Eliminates human emotions from making decisions.

  • Depends on AI which makes calculated decisions supported by data and solid information.

  • Provides you with exclusive portfolios that make your investments stand out from the rest.

  • Integrates with CRM software that helps you develop strong client relationships.

  • Has advanced reporting features that keep you and your client updated by providing a comprehensive view of their portfolios and earnings.


  • It is a relatively new company, so it may not have the same level of experience and expertise as some of its competitors.

  • It is a boutique firm, so it may not have the same resources and capabilities as some of the larger financial firms.

  • It focuses on high-net-worth individuals, so its services may not be suitable for everyone.

  • What are the pricing tiers of UX Wealth Partners?

Fees for financial advice are mostly based on the services offered. The following fee structures are frequently used for the firm’s fees: asset-based. The firm does not provide wrap fee schemes or the practice of bundling services for a single cost.

  • UX Wealth Partners User Reviews and Testimonies

“With the volume of data now overwhelming even the best human minds, technology has come so far that we can now confidently leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to pursue better investment outcomes for clients.” – Co-founder and CEO Kyle Wiggs


Financial advisers can offer clients more individualized reports and data at any time by using wealth management software such as UX Wealth Partners, which provides powerful insights with its AI-driven TAMP technology.

Such software enables a business to cut many overhead costs and organize client data more effectively, which is especially significant for independent managers.

Not to forget, advisors need to be as knowledgeable about all facets of their client’s assets and wealth as possible in order to comply with rules given the banking industry’s always expanding compliance and regulatory difficulties.