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Redtail Integration: Analyzing Risk with StratiFi

The requirement for a comprehensive operation and Redtail customer relationship management tool is prominent in finance, where information, important data, and private details are shared and protected rigorously.

Similarly, the requirement for seamless customer relationships is important to the sustenance of every business; hence, financial professionals and other startups providing financial services often pay quality attention to the right CRM tools for their brands.

One of the most efficient CRM tools to opt for in the finance sector is the Redtail CRM tool.

What is Redtail CRM used for?

The Redtail Customer Relationship Management tool is a web-based technology for brands for proper office operation and customer management.

The CRM tool has remarkable features like the automated workflow to eliminate the manual process, schedule management to set up meetings or seminars, and integration to ensure that entrepreneurs can use the web-based application comfortably for better customer support and integration with other software.

Does Redtail integrate with StratiFi?

Yes, Redtail can be integrated with StratiFi for seamless operation.

With the connect button on the Redtail CRM, you can easily select the document to import to StratiFi and continue your work without hassle.

With this integration, you can also import a contact list from Redtail to your StratiFi account.

 Here’s how you can do the Redtail and StratiFi integration:

  1. Log in to your StratiFi account and go to Settings > Integrations and then click “Connect” under the Redtail icon.

  2. You’ll then need to select the data (any combination of clients, households, and prospects) you would like to import. 

  3. Finally, enter your Redtail credentials and click submit:

Integrating Redtail and StratiFi provides efficiencies for firms that utilize both technology providers.

Interested to see how StratiFi and Redtail work together? Click here.


What support does Redtail provide for training? What is Redtail University?

Redtail support people on the phones

By developing impressive technology that helps with management activities and help them plan operation better, Redtail supports financial professionals.

They also provide strategies for financial advisors to serve their clients better.

To help everyone use the Redtail CRM tool better, Redtail University is an effective tool. The brand provides a fun, energetic learning environment through various Redtail University events to meet each office’s needs and diverse goals.

Redtail University takes financial organization to a better level and puts you in the best position to protect your clients’ assets while helping you grow your relationships to be strong in the future.

With Redtail University, Redtail University Events, and Redtail University Trainers, financial professionals can enjoy a more sophisticated yet user-friendly system and enroll in a course that provides adequate guidance and instant support.

What is Redtail used for?

Redtail increases overall work efficiency for solo entrepreneurs, office managers, and financial professionals by providing automated workflows and strategy track focuses.

The presence of this tool catapult can help financial advisors build impressive client relationships.

Redtail provides several integrations that let businesses manage operations better, work effectively with team members and keep proper customer records.

What to consider before choosing Redtail?

Webinar or Training session:

If you’re a financial professional who has to put clients through a series of steps online or offers financial training on any topic virtually, Redtail Customer Relationship Management tool provides an extensive and responsive platform to organize and hold your webinars, seminars, training sessions, or meeting with office staff periodically.


Compared to other CRMs like Salesforce that charge a minimum of $297, Redtail charges as low as $99.00 per month. This subscription fee gives access to a single database with 15 users. You can contact the team for pricing if you want to increase the number of users or database.


Redtail Customer Relationship Management tool can be integrated with other financial planning and management tools like Google Calendar, Salesforce, and Outlook.

Opportunities Tracker:


Redtail CRM features and opportunities tracker allow you to view and track sales pipeline progress.

You can easily implement track to move clients, develop applicable strategies, or group those going through a sale process together.


Redtail CRM offers standard and customized reports to keep you abreast of all activities and generate valuable leads. Reports like email reports, document reports, workflow reports, and activities reports allow you to follow employees’ operations and identify consistency and the level of collaboration exhibited by employees.

Customized reports, on the other hand, let you have a clear and quick look at what you want to check out. You can run reports and have them prepared as desired. This can further improve your client relationships as you get to take a look at feedback and performance.


Office life can be a little demanding, and your staff does not need a complicated or manual work procedure to add to that.

With an automated workflow system, Redtail can eliminate the need for hard and manual work processes. This will reduce the time and cost of carrying out activities and eventually increase revenue, reduce cost and increase employees’ productivity.


Redtail is a helpful customer relationship management tool that lets users stay on every task. The Redtail CRM provides a backup system that allows users to get data or contacts from an offset location. 

Is there a Redtail app?

Yes, the Redtail web-based CRM provides a Redtail CRM application that is free to use by subscribers. The application further simplifies the work process, keeps you on top of activities like meetings, and lets you connect with clients with a few clicks.

The Redtail app is available on Android and iOS devices making it a ready tool to be used by financial professionals irrespective of phone choices. Though the application comes with fewer features when compared to the web-based version, it has sufficient features to get you going.

Does Redtail integrate with Outlook?

Yes, with an integration tool like Zappier, you can easily integrate your CRM technology to Microsoft Outlook to focus more on your important tasks.

The strategy offers an enhanced management practice that brings your calendar and several other details to Outlook to for efficiency and lets you work from a single source.

Does Redtail integrate with Salesforce?

Yes. With Zapier, users can easily and automatically integrate their Redtail with Salesforce to improve efficiency. The two systems integration is done immediately without sending or receiving codes.

Is Redtail better than Salesforce?

While it is impossible to assert which CRM service provider is better, choosing the right CRM tool for your operation or business depends extensively on the nature of the operation and business.

It is advisable to always check out the price and see which of them is suitable considering your budget, integration, and features.

Which is better, Redtail or Wealthbox?

While many users will choose Redtail over Wealthbox and vice versa, both products enjoy considerable adoption and high ratings on social media.

Determining which of the two is better will depend on the use cases and the users’ choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there alternatives to Redtail?

Yes, there are alternatives to Redtail, depending on the level of operation, the number of users, nature of business, organizational goals, and several other considerations.

Alternatives like Hubspot,, and Salesforce should be examined for better understanding.

You can also check online reviews to make informed decisions about available alternatives

Can I stop Using the Redtail CRM at any time?

Yes, Redtail CRM operates as a SaaS (Software as a Service. It allows companies to process registration, subscribe and stop using it anytime.

Will I need extensive IT knowledge to use Redtail?

Redtail is an extensively easy-to-use SaaS for financial purposes.

The web-based version and mobile application come with a unique and user-friendly interface. This leaves subscribers to navigate and collaborate with the team easily. Hence, there is no need for special education to use it.

Will I need an IT team or special training for employees to use Redtail?

Again, the Redtail CRM is a helpful tool created with simplified UI/UX. This enables users to navigate and master how to use it quickly and easily.

While team members may require some time to develop the ability to use the tool, Redtail CRM is a tool you can implement without requiring a special IT team or trainers.

Is Redtail suitable for me?

An investment in Redtail CRM is the primary approach for better practice management and provides sophisticated customer support.

However, deciding if Redtail is suitable for your project or brand depends essentially on the brand’s features.

Suppose you are running a financial business and require team members to work collaboratively. In that case, Redtail is most likely the CRM tool for you.

Unlike other alternatives like, Redtail CRM is made to strategically tackle common situations that may develop in finance firms and help achieve a robust knowledge about management processes.

Also, there may need to consider your budget for service. While Redtail charges considerably low than several other CRM alternatives, it is still more expensive than some. Hence, deciding the best price you can pay for the service is a good determining factor.

To determine the best option, you should check the Redtail CRM website for price confirmation. Then, compare it with other service providers


Redtail CRM is a comprehensive management tool that allows you to manage office operations efficiently. It also provides support for office staff.

Since using it does not require rigorous training, you can quickly implement it and enjoy a more seamless procedure. The brand also provides 24/7 customer support to help resolve any issue and provide further clarifications on use and services.

With the integration, client data will automatically sync from Redtail’s CRM to StratiFi. This provides efficiencies for firms that utilize both technology providers.