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Elevate Your Brand With New & Improved PDFs, Mobile-Friendly RTQs, + More

We’ve been hard at work releasing new software features and talking with advisors to discover new ways to add value to provide value! 🙌

Elevate your brand with new & improved PDFs

Introducing the new & improved Risk Tolerance PDF Report!

Our Investor/Account Risk Tolerance PDF now offers a better layout and allows for in-app preview, as well as orientation changes and company branding elements to enhance the look and feel of the document.

Enabling Analysts to create prospects on behalf of their Advisors

Part of a Analyst’s job is to process potential prospects for their Advisors to handle. Granting them the ability to create these prospects streamlines the process of conversion from prospect to client, saving the Advisor time.

Analysts are now able to create Prospects and assign them to Advisors!

Making the standalone RTQ mobile-friendly

StratiFi’s Real-Time Quotes (RTQs) can be sent to investors via email or embedded as a widget on your firm’s website. Previously, filling out these RTQs on a mobile device was unavailable.

We are pleased to announce that this RTQ is now mobile-friendly!

Allowing Advisors/Analysts to create Proposal/IPS templates

Advisors and Analyst possess the know-how behind what a template needs to contain, but don’t have the clearance in terms of compliance to issue reports without oversight from Executives or Compliance Officers.

Advisors and Analysts are now capable of creating Proposal and IPS templates on their own, but they will only be able to generate reports with them after a Compliance/Executive member approves them.

  • The Compliance/Executive should go to the template, review it, and click on “approve”.
  • Templates are now categorized on the report generator as “Approved” or “Not Approved”. Not approved templates can be selected and used to generate a report, but they cannot be used to generate a PDF.

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