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13 Ways To Evaluate Your Current Risk Analysis Solution

As we come into the home stretch for 2022, I hope you’re on track to reach your goals.

With this being the first time in nearly a decade that we’ve come into a bear market, there’s never been a more important component to your growth & retention strategy than risk analysis.

Most advisors do not know the full potential of how risk analysis can expand their financial planning. In many cases, it’s not their fault because popular tools, like Riskalyze, use static risk scores, and overall, are one-dimensional so you miss potential growth.

Here is a checklist to evaluate your current risk analysis solution and determine if you’re leaving opportunity on the table. 

1. Does it help you monitor drift so you know exactly when to adjust your client’s portfolio risk?

2. Does it help you consolidate your client’s accounts so you can optimize around portfolio risk?

3. Does it track dynamic risk scores over time to defend your decisions?

4. Does it collect all assets so you can earn fees on 100%?

5. Does it differentiate your expertise to stand out from the crowd?

6. Does it generate proposals in under 5 minutes that convince clients to accept your recommendations?

7. Does it illustrate how clients can win by reducing risk?

8. Can you assemble, iterate and customize model portfolios in real time?

9. Does it increase the frequency of touches to improve client retention?

10. Does it convince cash hoarders how to invest wisely?

11. Does it expand your circle of influence to increase referral generation?

12. Does it convert clients into evangelists to recruit prospects for you?

13. Does the exercise help you realize what you may be missing or shed light on some struggles that you may have had difficulty overcoming?

When you use dynamic risk analysis that high net worth clients love then you open more possibilities to grow faster and with less effort.

Here is what a few advisors have shared when they embraced dynamic risk analysis and it became a cornerstone of their practice…

“AUM grew from $0 to $100m in less than 12 months…”

The Vale Team

“25% – 35% growth year over year….”

Joe Berry

“Grew from $60m to $80m in less than 2 1/2 years.”

Jonathan Murdock

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